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14. 01. 2017
We are looking for custom bike trips in and around Richmond, Virginia that are going to make you experience the rich history, engage with the beautiful natural surroundings and enjoy the comfortable pace of life.

Imagine this scenario:

You are sitting on a bike and feeling really good right now. You are feeling stylish and hip, since you did not have to wear your padded spandex to get on this bike. You put on a skirt with your favorite flats. Or you put on your favorite jeans and loafers.

You are about to spend a day on a bike riding through beautiful neighborhoods of Richmond, Virginia. You will hear its story through the history of James River and its inhabitants of the bygone era. You will learn about the fauna and flora of  the area, you will hear about powerful chief Powhatan. You don't have to go to the gym today, not today, this counts as an exercise. One thing is for sure, it makes you feel happier riding a bike outside than doing anything inside. Oh, you almost forgot. You will go and check out a new vineyard and have a nice lunch and a glass (or two) of wine. Hmm, you wonder, is there any better way to spend a beautiful sunny day..nothing comes to mind. At this point, right now, it is all perfection. 

You are enjoying  the signature tour of Basket & Bike - a  boutique bike tour operator. Anne, the owner, created this tour as a celebration of the beauty of Virginia. She left the world of wealth management after two decades and a successful career.  She has a passion for life and seeing the world from the seat of the bike makes her happy. She wants to make biking an integral part of our lives, where  we could ride our bikes to the market, to the post office, and other places where we normally use a car. She is making her bike a part of her lifestyle.

She or her trained tour ambassadors will be your personal guides whether you are using her beautiful city bikes with baskets (full of healthy yummies) or bringing your own bike.

Her Basket & Bike trips combine three strong pillars:

1. Rich history of the area which takes us from urban city corners to lazy river banks.

2. A comfortable pace of life, where we can stop and smell the roses, stop to have lunch at a local restaurant, pop into a shop or visit a winery or two..

3. Being close to nature and feeling one with it.

These three pillars bring us to a certain mindset: we are happy with where we are, what we are doing, and how we feel.We are happy in body, mind & soul.

And here comes the challenge:

How would you design a half to a full day bike trip combining these pillars (or finding new ones)?

Where would you take your friends to show them some of our history, to sample some of the best food and to enjoy the beautiful nature around Richmond or other Virginia towns? 

Virginians enjoy life and appreciate beauty around them, whether it is a beautiful home, garden, river or wonderful food. With all the organic farms, wineries, markets, shops,  city and country life, the state has a lot to offer its residents and visitors alike.

Think of all that you can see and experience on a new ride you create for Basket & Bike!

Anne is excited to hear all your wonderful ideas. Thanks!

Future Bakers Team

* Two top tours will be selected and the winners will have the honor of naming the created tour and will receive a guided  tour from Basket & Bike for 4 people. 

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