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08. 12. 2015
We are looking for products and services to reach new clients

Raiffeisen Bank would really like to get some inspiration from their clients or potential clients. They constantly seeks new solutions to make their clients' lives simpler and more pleasant. That is why we are reaching out to all of you creative thinkers to help us find and develop new products and services.

What are we looking for? 

We are looking for ideas for products and services, that could help us get more clients. We are not looking for revolutionary products, since we know that many times it is the services accompanying the product that add extra value to the client. As an example of a such service we can mention our services of Real Estate Counseling if you have a home loan with us to help you with your selection of the perfect real estate.

That is the type of product/services we are mainly looking for.

Who is our target audience? Mainly people living in bigger cities. We want new people to want to bank with us.

Please describe your idea in few sentences and focus on what "additional value" would the new service (or product) bring to the potential customer and how it could bring us additional income as well. 

We would like you specifically target "loans" (but we would love to hear from you about other service or product improvements as well).

We are looking forward to your ideas. Six of your best ideas will receive the reward of 5000 CZK

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