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We used Future Bakers to find new marketing messages for banners that were going on bridges. We were impressed by the amount of amazing ideas that we received from all the bakers. We included our social media network in this conversation and created quite a stir among our fans, which increased the positive long tern perception of our company, which is sometimes hard to achieve for an insurance company. The Bakers main motivation was not the reward, but the fact they can contribute with their idea to the solution of the project.

Client: Stepan Skripnik, online communication KOOPERATIVA

"We are surprised by the amount of creativity and conceptual thinking coming from the Bakers. We received so many wonderful ideas. I wish we could use them all."

Client:Lucie Krajna - REMAX Marketing Director

Thank you very much for a platform that makes my evenings and free moments during the day more creative

Lukáš Darebníček, researcher at Vseobecna Fakultni Hospital, PRG

Future Bakers gives me an opportunity to exercise my brain and gives me pleasure. I am also happy that my opinion is valued and I can contribute through my creative ideas to solve all kinds of business issues or non-business issues.

Věra Jelínková, author of a website for seniors

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