We found thousands of creative people, who are ready to help you solve your problem, or find a direction for your business. This is where you can submit your brief and generate wonderful ideas. We can provide additional services among others analysis of the ideas, creation of a strategy or plan of action. You can let us know, what exactly you need from Future Bakers.


  1. Fill out our Client Contact Form
  2. Make a detailed description of the problem or the task in hand (we can help you with this)
  3. Set up the reward
  4. Check out all the ideas from the contributors
  5. Pick the best one
  6. Become the owner of one

Loyal members are clients, who like to use ideas from our bakers on a more regular basis.

They can be individuals, bigger or smaller companies, advertising agencies.
LOYAL MEMBERS get an administrator’s account and they get access to all the ideas/solutions pertaining to their project.

  1. Fill out our contact form
  2. You will receive access to your account, where you can regularly input bids and peruse bakers’ ideas.
  3. Choose the best ideas for your projects.
  4. Become owners of the ideas.

How to define what you need from us (examples)?

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