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09. 03. 2017
We are looking for Richmond, Virginia's Best Kept Secrets.

Send us a three day itinerary for visiting Greater Richmond (VA) area, including where to stay and where to eat.

Our client - ChamberRVA believes that Richmond has a lot to offer to national and international travelers.  ChamberRVA's  main goal is to promote the Greater Richmond area and to work on making it a great place to visit and live. They want to attract millenials to live in this fascinating and cool area.

Richmond, Virginia is constantlly featured as the new "top place" to visit and live by various publications, including Travel & Leisure Magazine, which touted it as the #3 place to visit and National Geographic, which named Richmond the Foodie Town of 2016.

And that is why they came up with 3D RVA:

An initiative, where we would like to attract  more people to visit or to stay. We need tips from local people that live, love, laugh Richmond.

We want to showcase our Southern hospitality.

So what are Richmond's best kept secrets? What are the places that make you love Richmond? The uknown, the ones off the beaten path.

There are so many reasons why Richmond is a great place to visit or live in nowadays - a burgeoning art scene, amazing food choices, startup friendly, the only urban class 4 rapids in the nation, fantastic microbreweries..

SELECT ONE OR MORE "INTEREST GROUPS" from the list below and tailor your ideal three days to appeal to that group. You are welcome to create your own "interest group" as well.

1) Foodie

2) Biking through the city and the nature

3) Outdoor Enthusiast

4) History Buff

5) Urban Adventures

6) Art Scene

7) Music lover

8) Kids with parents

9) Artisans, makers, social entrepreneurs

10) Romantics


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