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The Crowned Leopard
30. 10. 2016
We are looking for jawdropping, breathtaking and unexpected sites and locations for a private party in Richmond, Virginia

When was the last time you were at a party that took place at such an unexpected place that you kept talking about it for days  and weeks afterwards? 

The rooftop of the tallest building in town? A bank vault? An artist's studio? A delapidated warehouse? A graveyard,vineyard or barnyard..

Sounds good, sounds boring? Well, we need your help?

The client, The Crowned Leopard, is a boutique event company in Richmond, that always tries to think big. It is owned by two ladies, two friends, two passionate field producers who love to organize private parties.

They can organize anything from an unforgettable wedding to an inspiring corporate party, or a most successful fundraiser.

Their clients love them because Heather and Laura make them feel like they are the guests at their own party. They get to really enjoy themselves. The clients never find out "what could've gone wrong", because that just never happens.

They want to move to the next level and give clients ideas for private parties at unexpected places that no one would want to miss. 

So the challenge is to come up with Richmond's (VA) best site specific party ideas and themes. Where in RVA would it be? What would be an unforgettable party site? What would be the party theme?

*The winner will receive a voucher for 1000$ for a party with The Crowned Leopard

Thank you,

Future Bakers Team

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