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10. 12. 2015
We are searching for great ideas for a car accessory that combines design and functionality

Fiat has decided to reach out to the "crowd" for its new project.

They are searching for ideas for new car accessories that will be mainly valued by female customers, and that will add value to the existing model of Fiat. So they are addressing mainly women when they are searching for this product, but are also welcoming ideas from men.

New Fiat 500X was created by combining the amazing design of the iconic Fiat 500 with added functionality through new technical features. The company has decided  to use the help of top product designers to design the new accessory after bakers come up with the perfect product for the female client. They are expecting that this team work will create the best product.

Now it is up to you to come up with a product, that would be exciting enough to be selected by one of our four product designers. 

Be creative and think out of the box. As long as the created product is both beautiful and functional, you are good to go. Think about what you would like to have in your car! And if you are a guy, put yourself in your wife or girlfriend's shoes.

You can send us the ideas in a written form or visual form.

In the first stage it will be the designers that will choose their favorite products, not the client.  All four designers will choose their favorite idea from Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. So 8 wonderful designs will go into the finals, where the public will choose a winning design from each country. 

The two selected bakers (one from each country) will each receive a new Fiat 500 X

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At the end there was a winner from each country: one idea was a built-in changing table and other idea was a multifunctional packable caddy. Both Bakers received a new Fiat 500X! Congratulations

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