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30. 10. 2016
We are looking for ideas that will make parents feel secure about their child's safety when sending them abroad on a language trip.

There is nothing more exciting or efficient than learning a foreign language in the country of origin while communicating and living with locals. The classes at school tend to just scratch the surface of the language, and are often boring. As a result, many children are insecure about their language capabilities.

We know a magical language trip, where children learn through interacting with other children and going to classes at a local school. They return home eager to learn more Spanish. Their confidence in their language abbilities has grown exponentially.

Let us introduce you to Carol and True Immersion - a delightful Spanish language immersion trip for children ages 12-17.  The trip takes place in the enchanting city of Sevilla and the beautiful region of Andalusia. The group travels together and stays together throughout the duration of the program. Carol or one of her colleagues personally accompanies the group. 

The children take morning Spanish classes at an international language school.They stay with a local family and explore a lot of typical Spanish traditions, like Flamenco dancing or bull fighting. In the afternoon they interact through various activities with Spanish children and children from other countries. They don't just learn Spanish, they breathe it, they eat it, they live in it. The kids are ecstatic.Their confidence in their abilities in Spanish grows. Their insecurities disappear. The reviews from Carol's clients, students and parents alike, show that the program has achieved its goal. It has opened up a wonderful desire and curiosity in all of the participants to continue exploring the language in the years to come.

Carol loves Sevilla, its beauty, relaxed lifestyle, but mostly its people. She personally knows the host families that graciously offer their homes to the children. She considers Sevilla her second home, she knows "everybody"  and she even gets the best meat from the butcher.

And here comes the challenge:

We are looking for innovative ideas how to make parents feel excited about sending their kids to Sevilla with Carol. What  should be her area of focus?

- Could it be a monitoring app on a smartphone, sending a short message every day or mailing  a video?

-  Or are there other ways  to make the parents  more comfortable about their child being across "the Pond"?

- How about a life cam in the fridge for parents to see what their children eat, a special Facebook page, a video from host families  or a note from the US ambassador about safety in Sevilla...Are you starting to get some awesome ideas? We hope so.

Carol will be very excited to hear them.

And last but not least, Carol would really appreciate if you could let her know:

1. Do you think it is a good business idea to take the learning from the classroom to the country of origin?

2. Do you know anyone who has a similar business with high customer satisfaction?

3. Do you think your friends and people you know would send their kids to True Immersion? Why? Why not?


* The reward for the winner will be $1000  towards a trip with TRUE IMMERSION or 10 Skype private lessons with one of the teachers from Sevilla

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