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Remy Cointreau
08. 12. 2015
New Metaxa Honeyshot is searching for a Czech tagline , reward is set at 10.000 CZK /500 USD for the winner and a bottle of Metaxa Honeyshot for the 5.

Metaxa gave us a precarious task. They have a new product and an English tagline  to go with it and is searching for its appropriate Czech version, but not a translation. And they also want to ask you two questions.

We all know Metaxa. But Honeyshot is new to us. It makes the original Metaxa a bit sweeter and smoother, thanks to the added honey. 

Honeyshot is a product with real honey, not just a few drops of a honey flavoring,

-it is going to be consumed  mainly by younger people from 25-45 years old and in the form of "shots"

- English tagline is BE A BEE

-  Metaxa Honeyshot is a social drink, it is sweet and sensual, tagline can be something like Kiss Your Honey, 

- The tagline should show the warmth and approachability of this product, but also its fun side. Or like the English version, you can focus on the "bee aspect" of the product

- Are you up for the challenge?? And let's not forget to answer the two questions that are part of the task:

1) What do you think about taglines in foreign languages? Do they bother you? In English??

2) Would you leave the tagline of Metaxa in English or would you try to translate it??

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The winner created a tagline, that is very on the spot and rhymes nicely. Unfortunately, when translated into English, it sounds awkward...but it went something like this: I am sailing through honey

Future Bakery
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