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Da Vinci Resources
18. 03. 2017
How could mindfulness become an integral part of the business environment and culture?

How would you convince business owners and organizations to integrate a Mindfulness workshop or practice into their culture?

Mindfulness is a cross between science and art. There is more to us than thinking and the stories we tell ourselves. Our minds rest in a greater and deeper awareness that also includes sensations, emotions and perceptions.

Kate - healer of body and mind and her projects da Vinci Resources and da Vinci moves - has been bringing workshops about Mindful Recovery to stroke survivers, injured athletes and people suffering from chronic illnesses. Her mindfulness practices include meditation, kindness to oneself, body scan, mindful movement and stress reduction. 

She is an expert occupational therapist with over two decades of experience. She also teaches mindfulness to college students studying business.

In today's fast-paced and crazy world we desperately need more mindful leaders. We want the future leaders to know how to tap into their "possibilities through mindfulness".

Mindfulness brings clarity, less stress and competitivness laced with compassion. Mindfulness will get us closer to the whole health/work/relationship balance that most of us seek.

In the 1950's there was no such thing as excercising or going to the gym. Nowadays everybody wants to make it part of their lives. We think that mindfulness is going to become to future generations what exercise means to us.

Kate would like to make mindfulness and integral part of the business environment and culture, she know it will make us better leaders.

We would also appreciate if you could share with us if you have an everyday activity that brings mindfulness into your life. If your company,school or community center/gym organized a mindfulness workshop, would you be interested in attending? Why yes or not?


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