Who are we?

A space for creative people with amazing ideas.

A safe place where those who are searching for the great idea meet with the ones that have them. And where they have access not just to one amazing idea, but to several of them. A place, where the idea creators – who we call BAKERS get rewarded if their idea is selected by the client.

We are a constantly growing group of bakers and creative thinkers

We believe it is important to provide a space for ideas and wonderful creations. We want to give everybody a chance to contribute. We believe the more idea makers we have, the more we can all move forward.

We are a group of enthusiasts and passionate thinkers

We believe that a great idea can pop up anywhere: in a bar, during a wonderfully peaceful weekend, while running, before going to bed, while chatting with your loved one, from a student, retiree or stay-at-home mom or dad.

Who is behind the scenes of Future Bakers?

Veronika Walmsley Veronika Walmsley

Spent more than two decades in business development and marketing. In 1993, she joined Automax, Czech Republic as its Managing Director, and helped the company grow from a three person operation to a hundred employee market leader.
She has experience both with startups and big multinationals (she has worked with Nestle as a Business Development Manager and Benckiser as Senior Category Manager). She is the co-founder and the head baker of Future Bakers, LLC.

Robert Peňažka Robert Peňažka

Spent 22 years in the advertising world. Became one of the youngest managing directors of a big advertising company - Leo Burnett Prague. After 9 years with Leo Burnett he decided to start his own advertising companies Kaspen and Yinachi. He is searching for passionate clients and truly believes in the creativity of the crowd. He is a “renaissance man” who is behind several artistic endeavors be it in publishing (bi-monthly style magazine Magnus) or music (musical phenomenon Kasparek v Rohliku). He is a co-founder of Future Bakers, LLC and the co-founder of Future Bakery in Central Europe.

Petr Topinka Petr Topinka

Spent more than 20 years in advertising and marketing. He was involved with the advertising agency BBDO Worldwide in both Prague and Toronto. Under his leadership Mark BBDO Prague became the market leader in Central Europe. He was in charge of many advertising projects both in the Czech Republic and European Union. Petr is a creative guy with a keen business sense. He is the co-founder of Future Bakers, and the co-founder of Future Bakery, Central Europe.

Veronika Walmsley Alex Braun

Is an award winning strategist specializing in research-based consulting. He is an expert in a wide range of polling and market research methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative. He has conducted hundreds of studies that dealt with competitive positioning, brand architecture and audience segmentation. His clients included numerous Fortune 500 corporations. In the political sphere Alex has provided counsel to high level political clients in over 70 campaigns on campaign strategy and management, targeting and field organizing. Alex spent more than decade at Penn Schoen Berland, a premier communications and polling firm. Alex is a co-founder of Future Bakers LLC and Future Bakery LLC.

We have several decades of experience with both the creative and business world. We love new ways of developing ideas, where we can get input from several thousand people from all walks of life. We believe in their capabilities, creativity and wisdom. Let’s give the opportunity to create to every person that is interested.  Let’s get those wonderful ideas out of our mind, and on paper…

Do you have questions?

What are we doing with this portal?

We are creating a platform where the clients can create a problem and they get several solutions back from the bakers. We connect both sides and help them generate the best idea and find the best solution

How it works

  1. We help the client from the beginning where they are trying to formulate the idea up to the moment of “rewarding” the person with the best idea (or several of them)
  2. We are here to help the client analyze all of the submitted ideas, choose the best idea or solution and even make adjustments to the idea, so you can use it for the purpose it was intended.
  3. We can even help you (client) with a research to figure out if the idea you picked is really the best one.
  4. In case of interest on your part we can even create your advertising campaign