Future Bakers is a platform where clients with potential projects or tasks meet the creators who have ideas. The clients have a chance to select from several creative solutions. The creator/s that are selected, who we call BAKERS get rewarded for their ideas.


Future Bakers represents an opportunity to make extra money for your wonderful ideas or get other rewards (p.e. tickets to sporting events, or tickets to concerts) , it can be an extra medium to explore and improve your creativity, for many it is a great way to learn about new products, projects or to contribute to the success of several interesting companies.

We call them „bakers“ If you are 18 and over and think you are creative, a great artist or are purely interested in developing new ideas and strategies, then go ahead and register. Where and if you work doesn’t matter, you can be a student or on maternity leave. All you need to do is register.

Registration makes the whole process easier and clearer. It also helps protect the rights of both the client and the baker. You will receive your own account after registration, where you can see all your contributions to different projects. We will also send you regularly all the new contests from clients (unless you specifically opt out of this service)

Fill out the short contact form in the section Registration. After you have registered, you will receive an email with a link, that you will need to activate by confirming your email address. This will finalize your registration process and you can sign in. If you haven’t received your registration link, please contact us at info@futurebakers.com

Projects “on your own” are projects with a monetary reward. Bakers work on these projects by themselves and they will not be able to see other creators‘ input. Only client sees the solution from all the bakers to the specific project, after Future Bakers makes sure that the solution is really contributing to client’s project. The other bakers don’t see the solutions of fellow bakers. The vast majority of projects on this site will be „on your own“ projects.

The group of projects that is meant to help the NFP organizations or is discussing societal issues is called “together” projects. All bakers can see the solutions, recommendations from other bakers, and are able to get inspired by them or make comments or even further develop the chosen solutions. We will occassionally put up such projects and everybody will be able to join in to find the best solution.

You can use your idea again or offer it to a different client after the project is over and the winning idea is announced.

Yes, if all your ideas are relevant to the project, you are welcome to submit more than one solution.

You can explore that in detail in the Terms of Use that are part of this website and part of registration of both clients and bakers. They are set in a way that client can’t use your idea without paying you for his project.

If a client choses your idea and pays the reward, all the rights towards the idea transfer to client, so the client can adjust the idea, or just use part of it.

As soon as the client chooses your idea, we will send you an email.

Yes, after the choice has been made by the client, we will send an email to all registered bakers, who have indicated they would like to get the notification emails. You can also check our Facebook page, where we post the winning idea.

WE protect your ideas, so the risk of that should be very minimal. Other bakers have no access to your ideas in projects that you get paid for by the clients. Clients only see ideas that are related to their projects. On top of that, our agreement should limit any foul play.

Unfortunately, that is not possible, the reward is set firmly by the client at the beginning of the project.

If a client choses that idea, then the reward goes to the creator, that sent the idea first. On the other hand, if the client wants to use more than one idea, all the selected bakers get the reward.

Our goal is to pay it as soon as possible.
Once the client choses the best solution, a PURCHASE AGREEMENT between the client and the creator will be signed and the reward will be paid..


WE call them clients or companies. It can be a company, an association, a non-profit that is looking for a solution to a problem and is willing to pay a reward for it. The client fills out a Brief. It can also be an advertising, media or PR company, which would like to take advantage of the creativity of the crowd.

Client can choose from a wide variety of solutions and pay only for the chosen solution.

Loyal member is a client, who would like to use the portal for more than just one problem. Again, it can be a company, an association or an individual. Loyal Member will receive an administrator’s account after filling out the contact questionnaire. This account will make it easier to manage several projects or offers at the same time.

Every client has an opportunity to let the ideas be sent to the potential customer group for evaluation. WE can pick the best ideas together with the client and then let the final customer group evaluate them.

If you are not sure what the reward should be, please contact us.

If you need help with strategy creation or consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you would like us to provide you with a marketing campaign, we will find an ideal solution ourselves or use a trusted team and we will supervise them.